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Coinpicker.us presents custom trend predicting indicators for every coin pair listed on Bittrex.com 

The trend indicators use the raw trading data from 200+ pairs for calculating:

1. The power of a trend. Useful for deciding when to jump on a trend for a coin going up, or if the trend is running out of steam and the coin price may fall quickly.

2. The direction of a coin price for short and medium term trends. Short trends are roughly one hour to one day. Medium term trends are for two days to weeks. Day traders will pay attention to the short term indicators while traders that buy and hold for weeks will use the medium term trend indicators. 

3. Major trend of all crypto currencies. This is the master trend that has been rising since the beginning. Major trends continue for years and decades. We are fortunate to be in the major up trend of a lifetime for crypto currency prices. In the not to distant future, the trend could slow down or reverse. Our major trend indicator will forewarn of the day when crypto currencies are no longer going to rise as rapidly, and possibly even decline in value.

4. Detailed coin reports are available for a nominal fee. The detailed coin reports are designed for those who are considering a substantial investment of $250 or more in one crypto currency. Buying the detailed coin report provides a potential investor with a big picture and a detailed analysis of the coins prospects, increasing or decreasing support, trading volumes, price trends, adoption trends, and potential problems relative to other coins.


1. No indicator is perfect. Trade, invest, and convert only funds into crypto currency that you can afford to lose.

2. You are responsible for your investments, not CoinPicker.us.

3. We currently provide this free service of creating sophisticated indicators, but may choose to restrict access at any time, or require membership.

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