1. What do these numbers or indicators mean and how can I make money with them?  Briefly, here is what the the column headers mean for anyone trading crypto currencies: Price trend indicator - Spots/predicts trends early: Green -Increasing price, Red - Decreasing price, Yellow - Stable price.
    30 Min Price Change - Assess short term price changes up/down
    Last Price Change - Shows active or slow moving coins. Big change=big mover.
    Moving Price Change - Shows if there is a strong trend either up or down developing.
    Price Momentum - Spots/predicts the strength of a move up or down. Big price momentum means a strong up or down trend.
    Moving avg 30 mins - Compare to Moving Avg for early up or down trend spotting. MA-30MA = + =Uptrend. MA-30MA=-=Downtrend.
    Moving avg = See Moving avg 30 min.
    Last price = Last traded price. Can compare to MA or 30 MA for quick trend spotting.
    Market Names= Coin pairs. I.E. BTC-XLM means the XLM coin priced in BTC.
  2. How are these indicators calcuated? Using Bittrex data, all the coin trades factor into creating the indicators. The algorithms Coinpicker developed are unique because most standard financial indicators  miss the rapid moves of crypto currencies as they begin.
  3. How often do you update the indicators? Roughly every 2 minutes, but the data from Bittrex is flowing every 60 seconds. This means Coinpicker.us can spot the real trends that could be traded by a human and that have the momentum to make a solid profit.
  4. What is the Top 10 Predicted Coins That Could Rise Rapidly Report? This report lists the top 10 coins that the indicators have automatically spotted EARLY in the beginning of their move to big price increases. Coins have increased well over 100% in a day, so having this report can make anyone lucky enough to get on the restricted list, significant money quickly.
  5. Why are you not charging for these indicators? The general coin move indicators will probably remain free for now, but the coin reports that go in-depth on each coin cost a very modest amount to support future development of Coinpicker.us and to feed my cat - Harzan, two donkeys, a horse, and buy three new vehicles, because capitalism is peace.
  6. Is there an API for coinpicker.us? No.
  7. Can I use your indicators on my site? Please do! All we ask is that you provide a link to http://coinpicker.us and give credit.
  8. Can I resell your information? Not without providing a link and full credit. More power to you if you can!
  9. I need another indicator or displayed value, can you add it? Send your suggestion to support@coinpicker.us and we will put the suggestion on the task board.
  10. Please track the new XYZ coin! We only use data from Bittrex for now, but will add new exchanges and all of the coins traded in the following weeks.