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IMPORTANT:  The code engine that produces the proprietary Total Market Cap analysis chart has stopped functioning because of a hosting issue that destroyed all of the code. Since I have to rebuild the code engine to restore the function, I am going to add another analysis feature to the code engine at the same time. I expect to have this upgrade and restore completed by next week. I appreciate your patience. Fortunately there are not many recommended trades in crypto now to use this valuable indicator for.

The Total Crypto Market Cap indicator is worth a fortune for those who know how to use it, a relatively easy proposition. As far as I know, Private Premium Membership is the only place to get the TCMC with EMA's, making this chart worth the price of admission. 

Essentially, the EMAs are divided into short term - 20 time positions, medium term - 50 time positions, and long term - 100 time positions. Select the drop down list of time intervals to include and the chart will dynamically update. Each refresh is the proprietary database updating approximately every 5 minutes.  When the 20 crosses up through the 50 line, a short term up trend is in place. When the 20 and 50 cross the 100 EMA, a longer term uptrend is in play and confirmed. Also not the slope of each line as it passes from steep acceleration - either up or down, to leveling out, to changing direction. Learning to read EMAs well is almost enough to make money in most markets, including cryptos.

New Indicators for Individual Crypto Projects Now Active!

Simply pick a few of the top 10 or 20% projects as your trade for either short term day trades or weekly trades. Combined with the Total Market Cap analysis indicator that shows when the total market will be rising or falling, the odds of profitable trading with both of these indicators as about as high as possible. The potential is to outperform almost any investment for rapid trading with returns of ​double digit percentage profits for short term and higher amounts when cumulative.

NOTE: The indicators stopped updating because of a change with Bittrex and the server hard drive filling up. I have doubled the hard drive capacity and am solving the Bittrex API issue now. Should have the indicators running again within a day or less. Thank you for your patience.

The Fast Track Indicators List shows which projects are moving rapidly up or down. Green up arrow shows increasing price, Yellow shows either trending or reversal hold, and Red down arrows shows decreasing price. The Price Momentum ranks the projects by which ones are showing the greatest directional force in the moves. 

The way to use this unique indicator is to look for mid-list up trending projects to buy in for short term trading profits. Projects that are at the very top of the list are often close to a reversal point while the mid-list up trending projects still have upward momentum.

BTC/USD Analysis Indicators: Donchian Channels, EMAs, Stochastic RSI, EFI, CCI, Fisher Transform. Weekly Tradable Trend: Both daily and weekly trends are for slight downward to trending. Not a good entry point for near term profits.

ETH/BTC Analysis Indicators: Donchian Channels, EMAs, Stochastic RSI, EFI, CCI, Fisher Transform. Weekly Tradable Trend: ETH is looking stronger than BTC on a weekly basis, but near term, the daily charts put BTC in the drivers seat. This means you can trade out of BTC into ETH for a good profit near term, but must keep the trade short - under a week probably, as ETH will outrun BTC as the time frame extends.

LTC/USD Analysis Indicators: Donchian Channels, EMAs, Stochastic RSI, EFI, CCI, Fisher Transform. Weekly Tradable Trend: LTC is poised for an uptrend on the daily charts, but not quite yet. It appears that LTC will make the move within a few weeks, making positions now reasonable. The weekly chart shows limited downside risk, but no upward trend yet.