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Analysis Section:

May 31, 2019 Premium Commentary

Total Crypto Market Cap $276 billion, Gold $1306.30 Silver $14.60

In this issue:

 – How You Turn $10k into $31k instead of into $4k!

 – Assessing the trade recommendations

 – Where to find profits next


What a great run for the crypto market since Coinpicker.US issued a “buy now, the bottom is in!” alert when BTC was around $3200 to $3500.

This on the money call and alert should have made anyone subscribing to either the free or premium version of the Coinpicker.US analysis at least a 100% gain in less than three months. I point out this correct prediction to subscribers because one of the main purposes behind Coinpicker.US and this analysis is to multiply your wealth with accurate forecasts. 

The issue that many traders will have is that they either do not jump in at the right time or they jump off the trend after they should have taken profits.

For instance, those subscribers that 1) read or listened to the advice from Coinpicker.US analysis and then critically, 2) took action by trading based on the recommendations in either the videos or the analysis updates have enjoyed the following wealth multiplying trades:

1. Stayed in the crypto market with Coinpicker.US advising to trade in and out of high flyers like Bitbay, WTC, VeChain, NEO, NEM, Ontology, Zx and many other outstanding projects until…

2. Coinpicker.US issued a “Sell Out Now!” alert both on video and via email when the crypto market was around $750 billion market cap, just before the market crashed 80%!

3. Coinpicker.US advised to stay out of the crypto market for a long time and focus on shorting the FAANGS, specifically picking NetFlix initially, the Facebook. The recommendation was to buy long dated (3 months approximately) short options on Facebook and Netflix. This recommendation was made two times, approximately 2 months apart. Both options returned at least 60% because there were massive crashes in both Facebook and Netflix.

4. Coinpicker.US also recommended buying gold and silver and a few specific stocks, including Irving Resources. Irving Resources rocketed on news of a major gold find. Gold and silver are now moving up in an out of season time. By the end of 2019 and early 2020, both mining stocks and gold and silver will likely be much, much higher as predicted at the beginning of 2019.

5. Just when most had given up on crypto, Coinpicker.US issued a “buy now, new bull market” alert between $3200 and $3500. We issued this alert both on video and via email, two times. We nailed it perfectly. Anyone who bought in is now at least 100% to 150% richer thanks to Coinpicker.US

6. For a person with $10,000 in the crypto market when it was at its peak, if they held their position, their portfolio went down to about $2500 and back up to around $4600. Let’s compare how a Coinpicker.US subscriber who followed the advice has performed:

$10,000 at the peak went to about $9500 in cash.

$9500 in cash converts to 4 options for shorting Facebook and Netflix.

The options rise in value approximately 60% during a crash in both Netflix and Facebook with the 2 months. $9500*1.60  =  $15,200

Following the recommendation to buy gold and silver with about 20% = $12,000 in cash remains with $3200 in gold and silver.

Take $3000 and divide among the mining stocks recommended, keeping the remaining $9k in dividend paying energy stocks as recommended, earning about 9% dividend+yield, and capital gains.

Two of the mining stocks have treaded water, neither rising nor falling. Irving Resources has gone up 120% in less than two months, or from $1000 into $2200. Your $12,000 becomes $14,000 with the gains in approximately 3 months.

Coinpicker.US then issues “the crypto bottom is in, buy now!” alert with BTC around $3200-$3500. You buy in with $10,000 keeping back $4,000 for other trades.

Three months later, you now have a total of $24,100 in crypto portolio plus $3000 approximate value in gold and silver, plus $4000 in cash, for a total portfolio of $31,000!!

Would you rather have $31,000 today in liquid assets like cash, precious metals and crypto, or only $4600 like almost 95% of other crypto buyers that held on and hoped and prayed the market would rescue them??

These trades are verifiable based on the Coinpicker.US premium alerts to subscribers. One of these trade recommendations alone pays for the Coinpicker.US service for many years.

Now on to the future trade ideas:

For free subscribers, the big picture is – stay in crypto, only short the stock market with long dated options for the tech sector as recommended before, keep buying gold, silver and selected mining stocks, and stock up on food. 

Specifics for currently advised trades:

-Crypto stay long with the Coinpicker.US model top 20% list. This model is crushing the crypto market averages (3x+ the ROI) in both up and down markets.

-Gold and silver strong buys. I am buying through OneGold for digital purchases as well as physical. No longer recommending

-Mining stocks recommended: Irving Resources, Deer Horn Capital, Defense Metals (rare earth metals exposure for China blocking their export – explosive upside opportunity), Aurania, Viva Gold  These are longer term plays that I expect to provide 5-20X returns within two to three years.

-Based on the highest P/E ratios, the sectors to go short are: Real Estate, Health Care, Consumer Cyclical, Consumer Defensive, Technology, and Industrials. 

-If you do want to go long in the stock market, not recommended of course, then the sectors to go long or buy in are Energy, Basic Materials, Communication Services.

-Bonds are to be avoided.

-Cash is reasonable to hold but I prefer to buy energy or other high cash flow companies with high dividend yields plus upside potential:

  1. Tailored Brands 9% yield
  2. LSC Communications 16.7% yield
  3. Pitney Bowes 11.6% yield
  4. Norbord 18.3% yield
  5. Clearway Energy Inc Class C 7.46%
  6. Golar LNG Partners LP 15.22 (Highly recommended)
  7. Sinopec Shanghai Petrochemical 10.76%
  8. Vector Group Ltd 16.55%!

This update provides the foundation to make a life changing amount of money starting with a modest amount.

I take my own advice and often buy exactly the shares listed or options.

Keep stocking up on food. The price hikes are one restocking cycle away and they will be epic.


February 10, 2019

2019 and beyond will bring more volatility than most investors have ever seen in their lives. Volatility leads to profits for traders and heartache for long term holders. 

Top line summary for those who want an early summary:

- Metals stocks and commodities will lead the way in a challenging investing environment. Details on key investments to consider below.

- Cryptos are showing outstanding base building and the beginnings of reinvestment cycles as shown by Litecoin bouncing, Bitcoin Cash moving up, EOS working slowing up, and BitTorrent running hard to the upside before settling in above inception but below the pump level. My earlier prediction still holds that cryptos will see a new investment cycle when the catalyst of Bakkt, the ETF's, STO trading achieves more acceptance, and more privacy apps like Litecoin's transition. Privacy and an anti-regulatory, anti-central authority apps will continue to power crypto especially if socialists/ Demoncrats and RINO's achieve their goals of higher taxes, more regulations, and more control.

-Despite the Federal Reserve saying it will hold the line on rate raises and stop soaking up liquidity, the stock market has bad numbers headed this way. While the stock market can continue higher, the key is to compare the gains vs the monetary base. Under this analysis, most of the stock market gains are simply counting time with inflation. This means we are interested in relative outperformance more than straight returns. For this purpose we must focus on dividend yield first and gold, silver, with precious metals stocks that have 5 to 10X potential with a brief precious metals bull run.

-Marijuana and hemp businesses are both outstanding potential investments, though late phase now, and real world opportunities for all on main street. 

Actionable Ideas

Always the priority before investing is to have a sizable amount of food stored. If you were in several areas of Europe now you would have a hard time finding potatoes, many vegetables, a decent selection of meat. Egypt and India have had rice rationing in place. Russia's wheat crop is far below estimates. Over 300,000 cattle recently perished because of floods. South Africa is going off-line as a regional producer with a Marxist, racist dictator ready to confiscate white farmer lands along with a terrible drought.  

Some of you may have noticed a recent drop in meat prices. This drop occurred because ranchers were forced to sell cattle they could not feed with fields that were not producing enough grain. The recent lowered prices will soon be replaced by much higher meat prices with limited availability. Buy now and freeze or vacuum pack while you can.

Remember, you are responsible for your own investments. Each of us has to factor our specific situation before making investment decisions. Here is what I am investing in and why, in priority:

1. Silver rounds and silver U.S. Eagles.  

Why: The ratio of gold to silver is at a high probability profit point for investing in silver. From the Sept 2008 low of about $10.56/oz with a ratio of roughly 80 to gold, silver launched about 5 fold to top at $46.80 around 3 years later. This is the kind of return I am anticipating. 

2. Gold as an insurance policy. While gold can provide seemingly fantastic returns, all that is really happening is gold reflecting the inflation within the system with the relative value soaring compared to dying fiat currency like the dollar. Keeps some gold while realizing gold is not intended to make you rich, rather it is designed to prevent impoverishment.

3. Metal stocks: 

Speculative junior miners with 3-10X potential in no particular order - For easy general precious metals sector stock investing GDX VanEck Vectors Gold Miners ETF, for more involved investing Irving Resources (CSE:IRV), Novo Resources (TSX-V:NVO), Deer Horn Capital (OTC: GODYF) plus U3O8 Corp. (UWE:TSX; UWEFF:OTCQX)  These are all speculative, though high quality exploratory companies that are relatively inexpensive to buy and could produce high, life changing profits in the now moving metals bull markets. There are thousands of junior mining and low priced mining stocks, most of them are nothing but a hole in the ground with a liar shouting about it. The companies I have selected are run by proven, life long career mining and investing professionals.

4. Hemp and marijuana stock

As shown by the major marijuana ETF - MJ, the sector is mildly over bought after peaking at  $37 in early February 2018 after  a nearly 50% collapse from over bought in September of 2018 at $43. My expectation is that the MJ ETF and the hemp market has further to fall and then will become a solid investment again for the long term. While I have some understanding of the hemp and marijuana market, I am researching all of the sectors before making any recommendations or choosing how to invest myself. One thing I am certain of is that hemp offers a major profit opportunity for both financial trading and real world businesses in growing hemp and creating or selling hemp products.

5. The general stock markets can have a slight upward bias for the short term, but my earlier correct predictions of the market running lower and for a long term bear market ahead are still in play. If you followed both of my precise recommendations to buy short options for the FAANG stocks, especially Netflix early, Facebook, Amazon and Apple, you made several times your investment in less than 45 days. The same type of trade can apply now to broad indicators for those that understand how to buy and sell long dated - 60 to 120 day - options. This is a speculative trade for quick gains that has to be watched carefully. As soon as you hit the profit point that you are satisfied with in the range of a net 20% minimum to over 100%, cash out before the time decay starts eating your option value. Most of the time I close my options with at least 30 days left before expiration.

6. Rental real estate in the Southern portion of the U.S. The Northern parts of the U.S. are depopulating while the South is gaining citizens. Buying rental properties on the outskirts of cities will be a long term winning business plan, especially at the lower end of the rental price pyramid. This is a cash flow business that can withstand inflationary pressures by scaling rents to the real CPI or some other value. While not investment advice for standard online markets, the current investing environment favors cash flowing businesses over stock investing for most people. If you are skilled with shorting stocks, working with options, and enjoy active trading, then this is a wonderful market. Most people lose money in markets like this leading me to recommend focusing part of one's investment resources into real world, inflation resistant businesses.

Some interesting guidelines for rental real estate I learned as a multi-property land lord for several years.

1. Assume at least one month of vacancy per property.

2. Buy multi-unit residences, ideally triplexes. The first two units pay the mortgage while the last unit is all profit.

3. Control the utilities and wrap the rental into a one lump payment. This allows you to shut off utilities instantly with non-payment. Your locale may have different rules though those usually only apply to your utility company. Your rental agreement can state this. I never had rent payment problems because I always controlled utilities.

4. Use electronic locks that can be changed in minutes for late rent. Same contract applies.

5. Do not offer maintenance. Show tenants that everything works perfectly. Anything that breaks is their problem, their expense, and their responsibility to correct before moving out. 

6. Keep your rents slightly below competitive rentals to have more people to choose from. I would get more applicants than I could consider for each rental allowing me to never have vacant apartments.

7. Buy rentals in transitioning, not fully gentrified sections. This allows for capital gains as well as cash flow. 

8. Sell the rentals at market tops. I sold all of my rental properties at the exact month and year of the market top in my city. This allowed me to fund sizable investments into new areas of explosive growth. 

That is enough of a long term plan for 2019 and beyond for now!

Another video update and crypto indicator coming soon.

Profitable trading!


The predictions from the last update have largely come to pass.

- The leading FAANG stocks have dropped significantly. This trend is likely to continue. Best move is to cash out existing options, wait for an up day and load up on long dated short options again.

- Agricultural commodity funds can continue doing well.

- High dividend paying energy funds as recommended will continue performing well as recommended.

- Precious metals are in an accumulation with a moderate upleg in place. Should the FED hold (possible) or reverse (unlikely for the next quarter or two), gold and silver will leap significantly.

- JR mining stocks are going to life off before the metals and are already showing strength compared to the rest of the market. This is where big money is made quickly. Update on top 10 JR mining stocks coming this week.

- General crypto trend is level to up. Not a great time to buy the major cryptos. Buying the rising stars for quick profits is the best way to play the market. The major institutional funds are going to get into this market, but it could take a year. When the institutional funds enter, that will be the beginning of a new upleg. It could well surpass the previous market since the potential is for trillions in market cap rather than hundreds of billions.

- The major ICOs that are mentioned in this update are : CERLOS - an engineered material that is moisture resistant, fire resistant, lower cost, more stable, infestation proof, and made of recycled agricultural waste. It will replace siding, engineered wood and other building materials.  BEC  - is a low energy nuclear generator the size of a refrigerator that can replace hydroelectric, coal, nuclear, natural gas and all other generators on a cost, safety, and environmental basis.  These tokens will be unique and potentially very valuable for many years. When these projects are ready to release, I will update my subscribers.


​The video below covers some earlier calls and tracks how they played out plus lays out a six month to two year plan for superior returns to the market.

Next video will cover how to create cash flow businesses that can make a small investment into a lifetime retirement level income!

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Private, Gold Subscriber Only Video Update Posted ​9-4-2018

​Depending on market activity there will be a new video from monthly to weekly. Summer months are usually slow for investment shake-ups while Sept through May are active. More videos coming about multiple streams of income that form the basis of being a good investor or trader.