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Thanks for the DASH recommendation! That trade alone paid for my daughters first year of college!"

 Robert L.

  Auto Shop Mgr.

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Coinpicker.US offers unfair advantages in the cryptocurrency, gold, silver, commodities, and financial markets. The Coinpicker updates deliver high probability trading and investing ideas. When our team finds a high probability trading opportunity in any market, we send out an alert or post the idea to the indicators page.

Check out the 6 (six) wealth multiplying of trading and investing predictions that have publicly announced to our subscribers:

  1. Coinpicker made Buy recommendations for Bitbay, PIVX, Digibyte, DASH, LTC, ETH, EOS, WTC, NEO, NEM, XVG, XRP, ADA, IOTA and several others that resulted in 10 – 100X gains from the early phase of the crypto bull market.

  2. Coinpicker made SELL recommendations across all cryptos when the total crypto market cap was at approximately $750 Billion and BTC at around $19k, before it collapsed and wiped out 80%+ of the profits of those that did not have access to This recommendation alone meant the difference to everyone that followed the recommendation between maintaining life changing wealth or losing it all.

  3. Coinpicker.US selected the ONLY crypto project that reached new highs even after the market crashed. This project provided a return over 400% in a down market – the only major crypto out of 5000 to do this – and Coinpicker.US publicly announced this would happen before it did.

  4. Coinpicker traded LTC multiple times by picking correct entry and exit points even during a down market: Bought at $45, sold at $385, bought at $203, sold after gaining LCC tokens for a net 35%+ return in a down market when sold at $225.

  5. Coinpicker.US correctly picked and publicly announced the bottom just under $6k and the next one at $6448, recommending buy points and eventual sell points.

  6. Picked a newer crypto project that has already increased in value 300% within weeks of the introduction and continues to climb based on fundamental technological value - not hype.

  7. correctly nailed the BTC bottom around $3300 and told all subscribers to go long and ride profits to over $12k in just a few months! These are life changing profits available to the limited enrollment of subscribers.

For other financial markets, the Coinpicker.US indicators correctly forecast the precise day of the stock market downturns over a week in advance, plus called the silver run-up months in advance.

I was on the hype train when your Coinpicker advisory update said to SELL everything right around the $19,000 level on BTC. I had already made more money than I ever imagined from my small account following the Coinpicker recommendations, so I just followed the sell recommendation even though I did not want to. Am I ever glad I sold out before the market tanked!"

 Andres F.


How Coinpicker Evaluates Crypto And Other Markets For High Profit Potential Trades Of 150% To 1500% In Days And Months...Not Years.

Four unique systems create the Coinpicker trading advantage:

1. Multi-Cyclic Weighted Bayesian Probability Engine (MBPE) for identifying macro (long term), minor (mid-term), and micro (short term) trends with the key phase locus. This proprietary AI based analysis method makes sure trade recommendations are on the correct major trend (up or down), at the correct time (before most of the move is exhausted), in the correct phase (prior to a trend reversal or break).

2. Proprietary Market Screener that identifies the cryptos or other investments that will either exceed the average in a profitable trend, or move opposite a losing trend, This indicator is available for all subscribers to instantly analyze their own investment ideas to show when a trend is going to continue or when it is likely to reverse.

3. Proprietary Trend Switch Indicators that make it easy to decide when to enter or exit trades for any crypto or other investment. This indicator alone has shown an average trade profit return over 24% per annum across multiple markets. It is worth the modest premium subscription fee alone.

4. The most experienced and accurate analysis team in crypto. The Coinpicker team has over 40 years of financial analysis and 9 years of crypto analysis (including the author of the only book about cryptocurrencies, released in early 2012,  predicting how Bitcoin would outperform all other assets in the foreseeable future. This lone, daring prediction is one of the great calls in all of financial history considering Bitcoin rose from under $5 to over $19,000 faster than any other asset in world history.) Analysis reports that the team produces weekly offer tradeable insights unavailable elsewhere with both broad macro ideas and trade ideas for making the most of your assets. There are times when the Coinpicker analysis experts will disagree with our indicators and AI systems. Usually the human experts are correct in these cases.

Another great call! First Coinpicker got me out of the market just before it crashed (think BTC was just below $20k) and then you got me back into BTC and some other cryptos around $3300...I am already at about 250% while the stock market has tanked!! Cannot tell you how much we (my husband and I) appreciate the amazing service your team at Coinpicker is providing. 

Oh yeah, the recommendation to buy gold last year at $1150 was another major win!"

 Leslie G.

 Retail Store Owner

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