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December 23, 2020 Video Update for subscribers only with a private project recommendation.

December 15, 2020 Update

General Crypto Market Forecast:

Based on the exclusive trading indicator (High Probability Signal Shift – the indicator at the bottom of the chart), the short term (days to a week or two) outlook for the general crypto market is positive. The mid-term (weeks to a month or two) outlook is more muted to negative though more of a buying opportunity than an all out selling point. 

Potential action: 1. Lighten up on profits from the recent upswing 2. Orient with possible shorts on BTC, ETH for near term dips., or 3. Wait for a lower entry point within two weeks if deploying new funds into crypto.

2. Core Crypto Project Projections:

On cue, as analysis and indicators predicted, Bitcoin Cash (BCH), has been way outperforming the rest of the majors and the general crypto market. Our analysis indicates BCH has a long way to go from this point until it reaches an overbought level. BCH will also drop somewhat when the crypto market drops. This will be another buying point rather than a time to sell. 

BTC – Still in a long term up trend. 

BCH – Expecting it to outperform as forecasted correctly two weeks ago. Has both short term and mid term positive trend.

ETH (chart above) – Same mid-term down trend as BTC though more so.  Good short term prospects still for a good upside move.

LTC – Better mid-term prospects vs BTC, ETH though still slightly negative. Positive in the short term.

LINK – Has both short and mid term uptrend vs BTC, ETH

EOS – Has both short and mid term uptrend vs BTC, ETH

XRP – Significantly oversold in the short term, but still has down trend for mid-term. Could be good for a short term pop though still has some downward moment. 


3. Up And Coming Cryptos:

Outperforming projects include:

Ochain (0.38348) - Data storage system with real world value and rapid development.

MobileGo (0.013077) – Mobile gaming platform using BTC and ETH. Real world value and development.

DAOStack (0.15) – Not a long term recommendation because the goals and use are not real world applicable nor easily quantified. Growing rapidly for the moment and an strong potential short term trade.

CommerceBlock (0.00753240) – Distributed finance platform with rapid development and outstanding long term potential. This project has the possibility to make a fortune.

4. Opportunities and Dangers:

The major opportunity is investing in platform projects for distributed finance, creating real world linking smart contracts (LINK, ETH, EOS and similar).

The major dangers are tied to the highest fliers including some DeFi rockets like at $24,337. Based on the recent movements that exceed the markets general downtrend, these type of projects could get crushed hard in a general market pullback.

Latest Update - November 29, 2020

Crypto covered: BTC, BCH, LTC, DASH. Gold, Silver, SP500, and NASDAQ

Short advice and primarily long recommendations covered. Moderate risk territory for crypo and stocks. Low risk entry points for gold and silver.

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