1. ​How does Coinpicker help me make money?  ​Several ways. First, the proprietary indicators that are customized for our members show when the trend for a crypto, stock, commodity or other trading vehicle is heading down or up, showing our members when to buy and sell. Second, Coinpicker provides analysis reports that give recommendations for trends and major moves for cryptos or other trading vehicles that our team expects to occur within a stated time frame. This information allows our members to buy or sell and make money from these recommendations. Third, and possibly most importantly, Coinpicker helps screen all investment sectors to find out the major areas (cryptos, stocks, commodities, technology, miners, etc.) that are poised to far outperform the general market.
  2. How are these indicators calcuated? Using delayed market data, all the coin trades factor into creating the indicators. ​The graphs and screeners redraw themselves periodically to show market changes.
  3. How often do you update the indicators? It depends on the time frame selected.​ Daily, weekly, monthly is typical. Hourly could be useful for day trading, but is too short for most of our users.
  4. What is the Top 10 Predicted Coins That Could Rise Rapidly Report? This​ is a report produced by screening for certain indicators and then sifting through the results to produce a Coinpicker list of high profit potentail coins.
  5. Why are you not charging for these indicators? The general coin move indicators will probably remain free for now, but the coin reports that go in-depth on each coin cost a very modest amount to support future development of Coinpicker.us and to feed my cat - Harzan, two donkeys, a horse, and buy three new vehicles, because capitalism is peace.
  6. Is there an API for coinpicker.us? No.
  7. Can I use your indicators on my site? Please do! All we ask is that you provide a link to http://coinpicker.us and give credit.
  8. Can I resell your information? Not without providing a link and full credit. More power to you if you can!
  9. I need another indicator or displayed value, can you add it? Send your suggestion to support@coinpicker.us and we will put the suggestion on the task board.
  10. Please track the new XYZ coin! We only use data from Bittrex for now, but will add new exchanges and all of the coins traded in the following weeks.