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​Read the instructions for using each indicator.

​Buy: Yellow line passes up through blue line. Sell: Yellow line passes down through blue line. 

​Use the BTC/USD custom chart with a proprietary Buy/Sell indicator to decide whether to go long or buy vs going short or sell. Highest percentage trades of ANY crypto will occur when you buy when the yellow line crosses up through the blue line showing BTC is in an uptrend and sell when either the gap from yellow over blue peaks or yellow heads towards the blue line or crosses it. The same applies in reverse if you are shorting. As simple as this step of buying with confirmed  line up cross for up trends and down cross for down trends seems to be, it is key to smart trading.

Use the crypto screener to pick crypto pairs likely to vastly outperform the market for the set time period.

​Next, use the custom configured screener to find the best cryptos to trade. The screening criteria are proprietary and customized for members. The standard screeners on TradingView are not generally precise for selecting high profit potential cryptos. Most members will want to trade against the USD and not foreign currencies, so make sure to select USD pairs, i.e. ETH/USD, BTC/USD or XYZ/USD. For those trading with other currencies you can apply the same logic and match the crypto to your currency pair though the screeners results will be different.   Click on the top where the indicators are listed (AO, CCI, SRI, etc.) to resort the screener based on particular indicators. The CCI indicator is a popular and profitable indicator to use. StochRSI is also fairly accurate if read correctly.

​The Fear & Greed Index uses social media, volatility, momentum, on balance volume and other aggregate data to determine if the investing "herd" is fearful or greedy. The implication is that buying when the herd is fearful will be rewarded along with selling during periods of greed. The Coinpicker trend indicators and analysis has proven to be far more accurate with much earlier buy or sell recommendations vs the Fear and Greed Index. Nonetheless, at extreme reading the Fear & Greed Index is helpful.

Latest Crypto Fear & Greed Index

​The chart below shows BTC vs Alt coins dominance. When BTC dominates, the market is more conservatively arranged. When BTC is losing market dominance, it suggests the market volume is increasing with higher risk appetite. We can use BTC dominance to decide whether to allocate more to core BTC, BCH, ETH, LTC, EOS or other main cryptos vs newer Alt coins. Alt coins are both riskier and offer far higher profit potential by orders of magnitude.

The chart below with indicators included on the chart and below will help you analyze any crypto or investment. There are well over 120 indicators with multiple settings per indicator along with several ways to interpret each indicator. Coinpicker uses only a limited selection of proven accurate indicators with specific settings and advanced methods for interpreting each indicator. The result is high probability trades. Every single trade when correctly analyzed with these indicators and set-up for the right time frame and move direction should have a high probability of profit.

Click on the symbol in the upper right to change the symbol as needed.

Change the time frame per your trade parameters. Use day for weekly to month trades. Use day and week for month plus trade. Use month for multi month to year plus trades.

​Plug in your selected cryptos from the screener, or any investment you choose, into the custom coded proprietary system trend indicator analysis.

​When you have selected a crypto to trade, or several cryptos, you can use the detailed analysis charts to get multiple indicator readings from one chart with customized, proprietary indicators. Each indicator has had the settings tweaked for reliability along with unique algorithms to provide significantly more accurate trading results.