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Long Term Hold Projects

Can be both held and traded per individual needs.  

Unlike in a standard stock market, few crypto projects have earnings, or pay non-inflationary dividends, or have realizable book values similar to real estate owned, cash deposits, or fundamental balance sheet metrics. Also, cryptos have a unique weakness unlike any standard business: without consistent power and internet, crypto projects cease to exist. Even more troublesome, cryptos rely upon software that can be hacked, have errors, or be involved in fork controversies that destroy value. Therefore, always trade only what you can afford to lose and pull money off the table when reaching profit targets or to preserve your basis in a downturn. 

With the high volatility level of the general crypto market and alt coins in particular, there will be frequent updates to the long term projects list to avoid potentially massive draw downs while enhancing the possibility of catching major up trends. I often keep a base position in a list of projects, up to perhaps 20 at a time, while focusing more significant amounts into projects that are poised or in major up waves. Past examples include of high focus trades include:  WaltconChain, NEO, Bitbay, Verge, TRON with recent examples including Populous, NCash, Ontology and several others.

Short to Medium Term Projects 

For those in position to trade more often of days to weeks.

This list is updated more frequently with projects that the algorithm scanner picks up at the early phase of a move.  Since the moves can last from several hours to days or weeks, timing is more critical than with the longer term hold projects. 

Short term trading list of possible trades only appears when there are strong set-ups. If there are no cryptos in this list then Coinpicker has not found high probability short term trades.